WAAC FM & WGOV FM & WGUN AM comprise the ‘Rivers Radio Group of stations in Valdosta, Georgia. Rivers Radio Group is headed by a team of seasoned radio broadcast professionals with over 200 collective years of experience in the industry. ‘RRG’ is not a corporate giant burdened by chains of command and boards of approval. ‘RRG’ decision makers and stations are always ‘live’ – always ‘local’ and always ‘focused’ on adhering to the operational standards that make radio the most trusted and successful electronic media in the U.S.A. This is why ‘RRG’ is known for being ‘Radio Done Right!’ At ‘RRG’ everything we do is about audience engagement and return on investment. We do not bury a spot in the middle of a commercial-laden stopset like the other stations. That is not going to drive business and it is not the optimal environment for an ad. Radio studies from 2012 confirmed that much of radio's audience is retained during a spot break, but retention doesn't equate to engagement. There's a fine balance.  ‘RRG’ is passionately driven to deliver results for clients. Ratings are not relevant to a client if you can't prove you'll accomplish their goals. ‘RRG’ is proving it. Merely saying it is so does not make it so. ‘RRG’ advertisers care about consumers taking action. At ‘RRG’ we do not focus on features, benefits, audience sizes, targeted audiences, and ratings. Those things only matter after we prove we can provide significant results.  ‘RRG’s focus is always on outcomes and ROI. This is how all advertising should be evaluated today.   ‘RRG’ clients care about what we can do for them, receiving exact results and realizing a substantial ROI.   ‘RRG’s ‘Radio Done Right’ moves product, motivates consumers and delivers results.  

WAAC FM is the Heritage FM station in Valdosta - on air since 1966 - and the only 100,000 watt country voice in the market. We cover beyond Fitzgerald to the North - just about to Gainesville, Florida to the South -and have Panama City Beach listening to our West and I-95 just outside of Savannah to our East. WAAC went on the air in 1966 and it is Valdosta's only 100,000 watt music station.

WGOV FM - 'V 96' - is the 50,000 watt powerhouse voice of Valdosta delivering 12+ and 18-49 Men & women with its ‘Unique’ RnB format. There is no other word for the V 96 music format other than ‘Unique.’